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Nicky's Kraken stuff
03-20-2016, 05:05 PM
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Lightbulb Nicky's Kraken stuff
When I bought my jk last year it already had all the "cool" stuff done so now I mainly add on pretty shiny things. Taz03 and I spent last weekend replacing front axle seals and shocks. Where we learned why the obscure jk seals are dealer only, good thing we know someone who works at a dealer lol. Don't get me started on why dealerships only stock one seal. When I bought the jeep it came with a slightly used pair of bilstein 5100's for the front, so I purchased a shiny new set for the rear. Well nothings ever really free and dang it one of the used shocks started leaking. While discovering that mess it took Smithy a whole second to figure out my tie rod and drag link where so loose you could jump rope with them.
Anywho that brings us to this weekend where we (of course we means Fred did all the work and I grab tools as he loses them) replaced the front shocks again and both tie rod and drag link ends. Taz03 only swore a couple times and none of the real naughty words, and it only involved one trip for me to the parts store for both adjusters. Kinda silly that we thought stock parts from 07 might be reusable but I did score a nice free hat that no one with ever wear, I think that's a win. In the end I have all sorts of nice black and silver parts underneath for the salt to eat away.
As always spending this quality time with my jeep has made me aware of more things wrong with him (the jeep, not Fred). I have a small transmission leak but I'll leave that up to an expert. Might has well get him a nice flush while he's there and I'm sure a phone call with another list of new shiny things I need to buy.
Overall he's a pretty nice guy and I think I'll keep him around.
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03-21-2016, 11:36 AM
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RE: Nicky's Kraken stuff
Good progress on the Jeep Nicky! Looking forward to you bringing "him" up to the land this year. Maybe that Fred guy too, maybe.
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