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Forum/Official Upstate4x4 Event Rules
12-09-2015, 03:14 PM (This post was last modified: 12-13-2015 02:26 PM by AlvarezMetalWorks.)
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Forum/Official Upstate4x4 Event Rules
Forum Rules:

Let's keep this simple as we are all adults and know how to be respectful of others.

Language =
No censorship but be respectful that others may have issues with bad language. For those that have issues with this. Please remember that we all do not have the same beliefs and let's try and find a happy middle ground with this subject. Basically be respectful and lets not make a big deal out of something so trivial.

Religion/Political beliefs, thoughts, or opinions = My opinion is that these subjects always lead to hurt feelings and anger. Upstate4x4 is not about dividing up the off road community. We are about bring all of us together. Wheeling is what we do to get away from the grind and stress in our lives. Let's not drag that stuff into the playground. If you feel strongly about these subjects please keep that on your personal FB page and out of our forum or events. If we're talking about a subject that involves government (access to land or related subjects) we need to keep the jabs at government officials or political parties to ourselves. These types of comments do not lead us in the direction that we would like Upstate4x4 to go. Keep it professional and respectful.

Marketing or promotion of products or services = This stuff needs to be approved by our Admin staff. It also needs to be posted in the proper sections of this forum. If you have any questions about this please send me or another admin a PM to discuss the details of what you want to do.

Official Upstate4x4 Event Rules:

(These rules only apply to events created and run by Upstate4x4 admins. Events held by supporting clubs are regulated by those clubs. They set their own rules and event details. Please contact them for more information)

**** Respect the property we are wheeling on. As you all should know by now we here in NY have to wheel on private land. These land owners are kind enough to let us use their property so we must insure that we don't wreck the place or upset the owners of the property.

**** Do not wheel in unapproved areas. If you have any questions about where you can wheel and where you can't please ask whoever organized the event. If you are new to our events tag along with members that have wheeled on the property before to insure you're in the approved areas.

**** Make sure you have a way to get your rig home. Expect the worse. Things happen on the trail and sometimes what we drove in won't be driving out. Be ready to deal with that situation so that we do not have a situation where vehicles are left behind after the event. Every location is different as far as expectations. Some land owners are very tolerant and helpful in situations like this where other may not be. With that being said just make sure you are prepared for the worse. This also applies to recovery and spills.

**** On the topic of recovery and spills. Stuff is always broken at our events. Sometimes it's really simple (dent, broken light, exc...). Sometimes it's more of an issue. I'm going to make it a point to start bring oil absorbing pads with me when I wheel. It is not required but if you want to be proactive here is a link on where you can buy some of these pads. Not everyone that wheels with us has all the recovery gear and clean up tools that could possibly be needed. However make sure that someone in your group has these things if you don't. Do not leave behind any broken parts! Clean up your mess.

**** What you bring in is what you need to bring out. Don't expect anyone to clean up after you. This includes but not limited to camping trash or broken parts. Again be respectful of the property we are using for our events.

**** Upstate4x4 does not support any illegal activity. Drugs and or drinking and driving will not be tolerated. The subject of drinking will be dealt with on an event type basis. However we expect everyone that does drink to keep in mind that we are family friendly and expect you to know when enough is enough. No one like a sloppy drunk or an aggressive one.

**** Again Upstate4x4 is about bring the wheeling community together. We are all adults and we all know how to be respectful of others. We all know how to be responsible too. We are a family friendly group and request that anyone that attends our events behaves like a respectful adult. We also request that overly sensitive people lighten up a little. Our events are about enjoying ourselves and having a good time. We want everyone to be respectful and responsible but we do not want to turn our events into police state where every thing turns into an issue.

That's pretty much it. I know I repeated myself quite a bit but you get the idea. If you have any questions of issues with these rules please comment below or send me a private message. We may add to these rules if we see problems come up.

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12-09-2015, 05:18 PM
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RE: Forum/Official Upstate4x4 Event Rules
Hear, hear!!

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