Full Version: Black Friday Night Wheeling @ Gary's
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Got some videos here. Was a great night! So much fun! As expected, when I lead, it turns into a stuckfest! I only made a few wrong turns. Definitely cleared the carbon out of the 4.0 here - there were a few points where I was on it so hard I was expecting to break something. I did do some damage to the tracbar, kind of bummed there.

First video is one of the easier trails. Tried to break the trail, super hard on the jeep. Lots of back and fourth - VERY thankful for the Toyota transmission herre - this is the trail that goes near the road.

Second video is the campground trail. Same spot that hung us up back in February. The video ends with me taking a wrong turn (theme of the night) after a stuck fest (also theme of the night ...) and nosing it into a tree and getting stuck.

Third video is of a trail that Dan and I found on Labor day. Of course, I had to take a wrong turn and lead us into the swamp. Got out of there and back to the main trail!

Last video is Pat's trail and some of the grassy trails near the driveway (opposite the house/barn). Fun hill climb and Jeep pileup towards the end of this one!
Hey Mike! Good videos (and bad navigation)! Looks like you guys had a good time. Jay said my land is wet as hell right now, he sent this pic over the weekend when he was hunting. See you at the Christmas party.
I had a blast out there.
Even the easy trails all turn hard with that kind of slushy snow.
If we went on your property we wouldn't be leaving without servo us body and/or mechanical damage lol
Yeah it was a lot of fun. Quite hard on the Jeep breaking trail though.

The first trail we did, you can usually run 2WD.
Great videos Mike thanks for sharing. Wish I could have gone
It was a lot of fun.

Winch certainly got a workout. That's for sure.
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