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That was the big thing .. there wasn't anything left to fold. so I had to add in metal.
I like the lighting upgrade. Always good to have more back up lighting. I want to add some auxiliary lighting to the big Ram this spring. Gotta get those stub bridges in on the land bridge, the water levels are back to normal and it's hella wet back there. I think that spot would sink me now!
It is absolutely awesome backing up with a spotlight pointed backwards. Sorry for anyone behind me. I also added a set to the roof over the weekend. Almost wired the relay to the electric fan. Would have been a good indication if the fan was working or not.

I bet I'd really sink to China at the land bridge, now.
Not too much has been happening with the green POS.

First winter ever driving it regularly. WOW how quickly it rusts.

Tracbar end decided to break apart at the prerun for the chilibowl. Was a fun drive home. Replaced that quickly.

Also did a brake job. I can lock all 4 tires up! Still no vacuum or power brakes but not needed. Quickest job I've ever done replacing drums. It does need a rear axle seal which I'll replace at some point. Probably when I buy upgraded diff covers.

AC Compressor bearing started howling, bad. So need to do that too.
Forgot to keep this updated.

This was one of the harder years on the Cherokee.

Blew out the front brake line while trying to get the engine sorted out in the truck for a Rausch creek trip. Had fun there.

Broke the tracbar at RC, again.

Then over Memorial Day I got a bit ambitious at Scott's while hopping a log. I made it over the log, but my steering wheel was upside down. Luckily, the broken tracbar didn't break any more ... but the frame broke at the steering box. Bought a spacer and had that welded in and the frame beefed up in that spot.

Over the prerun for black friday wheeling, I decided the best way to cross the beaver dam with Gary riding shotgun was to dukes of Hazard it. That was a solid plan until I landed and broke one of the leaf springs. It got even better when I took out a sidewall on a tire and cracked a wheel.

I bastard packed the broken spring and got some mix and match recap 33s on it for now.

Last week I finally got around to putting on the rough country tracbar. Haven't been able to drive it yet. When I was trying to align it I noticed I had some mean camber in the front from the wheel bearing coming apart. Put the new wheel bearing in and found that the font calipers are so seized the piston wont' move if I step on the brake pedal and I can't run them back in with a C-Clamp.

I guess that explains why I only got a few thousand miles out of the last set of rear brakes.

So that's next.
The green bastard will ride again
why even bother with rear brakes at this point?
So when are you doing the front leaf/drum swap?
Front leaf will probably come once the house is level(er).

Drums ... eh. I mean they work but not a huge fan
In preparation for the marginsburg run, I've bought some front axle fuses. AKA CV shafts. I'm planning on going all out in the mud! I'm hoping the Cherokee can hold up as well as the purple rain YJ did without destroying the engine, transmission, body, frame ... haha.

Added some stuff back to it to make it so it can pass inspection. The last trip to Scott's I managed to take out both of my horns (there's 2 horns floating around Scott's ...) and washer pumps.

I put the rough country tracbar in. First trip off road the bolts backed off the bracket and it fell off. Pretty good now!
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