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As an incentive to get new members to participate on the forum. I've decided to require 10 posts before you can active your signature.

So get to posting.

However those posts need to be legit posts.
Love your sig man! Make me one!
What are you looking for?
Idk, use the pic of the X, put my username in it. and I guess Write "moderator" on it too? idk. Surprise me.
let me see what I can come up with.
Big Grin Yay!!
Where do I edit this?
At the top of the forum you'll see a link titled, "User CP". Right under the truck of the month photo. Click that. That will bring up your control panel and let you edit everything.
I have edit profile
- Password
- Email
- Avatar

Its right infront of me but I can't see it Sad
Try again I just realized I had some stuff messed up.
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