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Hello members,
BHM Auto Service LLC, in Binghamton NY has purchased land in the McDonough area of NY. They are looking to be open on weekends, and for special events. I am looking for information regarding what people would really like to see in an offroad facility. Just a little feedback please, here are some of the details so far.

1) Membership required at $15 per year to play at the facility.
2) Cost to play, $20 for a Driver per Day, $7 for the passenger, but passenger cost can be waived when they sign up to be a member (one time coupon).
3) 4x4 Vehicles Trucks and UTV's at this time. (no ATV's at this time, but it's being discussed)
4) Obstacles, trails, rocks, hill climbs, and will consider all suggestions (MUD?)
5) There will also be options for Gold members, and those members will have opportunities to make money, and be more involved.
6) time line to open not 100%, but hoping in late July of 2018
7) there is electricity, water, sewer, garage, and other structures to utilize.

Just looking for some input, and recommendations is all. We would appreciate the help to make this a fun facility for everyone. This is only 100 acres, but we have the equipment and man power to make it fun.
What type of terrain? I've had fun on 30 and 80 acre properties before. 100, if it's a mixed terrain, definitely has the potential for fun.

I like technical stuff (tight trails , moderate rocks in trails) more than just an open field to play in the mud.

A muddy field would certainly be fun, too Wink

I don't think that's an unreasonable price to pay. As long as it covers insurance costs.
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