Full Version: Jerry can mount
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So I've got myself a nice metal Jerry can but I'm scratching my head figuring out how/where to mount it.
I would prefer for it to be outside And I've been looking at the smittybilt and other Jerry can holders.
The vehicle in question is a 98 grand Cherokee with a stock rear bumper and trailer hitch.
I've been thinking about the KOR rooftop tire carrier for my spare and hi lift up top, but for some reason leaving a metal can with gas on the roof doesn't seem like the best idea in heat and sun, but maybe that's me being paranoid.
Don't really want to just bolt it through the hatch or anything cheesy. I also like to leave the hitch open for accessories and a rear recovery point.
I am trying to maximize the room I have on the inside so that it can be more useful for camping and overlanding.
Any ideas?
building a bumper with a swing out tire gate that can hold the can and hi-lift seems like the best option or sell it and get a trendy rotopax
I have a hitch mount tire carrier that I thought about modifying to carry a jerrycan.
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